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Mortgage 101. Become the expert on the mortgage process. Learn more about home loans, credit scores, down payments, and mortgage rates at realtor.com.

Getting a home loan doesn’t have to be intimidating – especially when you understand the basics like options, features and costs of a home loan. Of course, your mortgage banker is available anytime to answer your questions and make the process a lot easier. Types of Home Loans. Every home loan has two parts: principal and interest.

An FHA refinance mortgage or a new FHA loan lets you refinance or purchase of a home with a low down payment. This guide offers a quick look at vital information you need to take advantage of the FHA home loan program.

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Refinance 101 Determining if refinancing your home loan is right for you Refinancing a mortgage can potentially save a home owner a substantial amount of money over the life of a home loan.

If you’re shopping for a new home, you might come across something called an FHA loan. Named for the Federal Housing Administration, the agency that insures them, these loans are designed to make.

Home Loans 101 January 8, 2019 May 16, 2019 thedailytipjar_admin You’re tired of stressing about nail holes in the wall and asking permission to make tiny modifications to your abode, so you’ve decided to take the first steps toward buying your own home.

Home Loans 101 – If you are looking for lower monthly payment on your existing loan or for new mortgage loan then you need reliable and trouble-free refinance service, for these purposes we created our review.

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Mortgage points, or discount points, are a way to prepay interest to get a lower interest rate on your mortgage. Each mortgage point equals 1% of your home’s value. That means if you’re getting a $250,000 loan and have two discount points, you’ll pay $5,000.

We know that purchasing a home can seem complicated. We believe that getting a mortgage shouldn't be. The process starts with working with a good Mortgage.

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