how to buy a condominium

Why I Should NOT Have Bought a $64,000 Condo in El Paso, TX Home Buying Advice | JEN TALKS FOREVER If you are considering buying a unit in a condominium, you may be confused about what type of home inspection you should do on the property. Before we go into the types and scopes of home inspections for condos, let’s take a moment to better understand how condominiums work and identify your areas of greatest risk.

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How to Buy a Condo in 2019 | The Step-by-Step Process to Purchasing a Condominium In this video, real estate agent and realtor matt leighton talks about the entire process of buying a condo in 2019.

 · fha approved condo list: hud requires the condo to be listed on its FHA approved condominium list.If the condo is not on the list, the borrower will need to seek conventional financing. Principal Residence: I recently had a buyer disqualified because he worked in San Jose and was buying a condo in Sacramento. He planned to telecommute and drive into San Jose twice during the week.

Without a good sell rate, condo buying can become a major hassle. You can’t predict every market fluctuation, but with a little savvy, you can make an informed decision. What’s the strength of the market in your city and zip code? Are condos scarce, or is the market loaded with them? Another consideration to keep in mind is how long you intend.

How to Buy a Condo (It’s Different From Buying a House) Consider your unit’s surroundings. While the condo unit itself is a key consideration, Check out the condo association. When you buy a condo, you’re buying into. Secure financing. In some cases, it can be trickier to secure a mortgage.

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They're getting about six weeks on average to look around and complete their due diligence before buying a condo, up from just a single week.

Whether you’re looking to buy a condo along the shore or in one of New Jersey’s many cities, you’ll need to know the proper steps to follow to secure a unit. You’ll begin by getting pre-approved for a loan. Then locate an in-state realtor who specializes in condo sales. View units and make an offer.