refinance after divorce with bad credit

but he never attempted to sell or refinance. She moved out 10 months ago and recently learned that the ex-husband has caused considerable damage (holes in walls, carpets ruined by pit bull, damage to.

Q: Can my ex-husband refinance. the line of credit. Your mistake was not having the line of credit frozen at the time the divorce was finalized. As we said, the credit line remained active while. What you should know about refinancing a property after divorce even if you have a bad or poor credit score.

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Although divorce laws. a lender won’t refinance the mortgage loan in that spouse’s name if he doesn’t qualify for a loan on his own. Even though a short sale will affect both spouses’ credit scores. If you have bad credit and a mortgage in need of a refinance, you may have a tough road ahead.

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The cut-off for refinancing is about 620-really considered a poor score and not bad, which is 600 or less. For a refinance additional factors to your credit score play into whether or not you may get approved. Some of these factors also affect a new mortgage, but others only apply or hold more weight in a refinance.

You may need to get creative to refinance your car after the divorce. Relying on a single income and credit score could leave you paying a higher interest rate. To keep your payments more affordable, the lender might require you to spread the payments out over a longer period — perhaps by writing a 60-month loan for a car that’s already a year or two old.

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Loan forgiveness after. for refinancing with a lender. They’ll consider the following factors: Credit score Income Debt-to-income ratio Employment Before applying, it’s prudent to pull your credit.

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Divorce and Home - refinance after divorce Their relationship hit rock bottom after they maxed out all five of their credit cards and amassed $109,000 in debt. According to a Ramsey Solutions survey, money is the second leading cause of.

It doesn’t matter what the two of you agreed to in your divorce settlement. If your name is on a credit card and your ex-spouse fails to make the payments that he or she had agreed to make, the credit card company will come after you. Here’s a short video with more tips about dealing with credit card debts in a divorce.