Section 1 Termite Clearance

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Does the seller have to do section 1 and section 2 termite work for VA buyers?. With a VA loan, can the borrower (the vet) pay for any section 1 termite clearance work? 2 answers. Termite inspection of a home came up with Section 1 and 2.

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VA Home Loans. Local Requirements. To be considered prior to issuance of the VA Notice of Value. Alphabetical. wood-destroying insect information is required per Section 13.06 of the Lender’s Handbook.. due to the high probability of termite infestation in the area. The State of Hawaii mandates that Wood Destroying Insect Inspections be.

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All termite inspection reports include a cost estimate to correct any Section 1 or Section 2 items. Any termite inspection clearance and any Section 1 or Section 2 repairs can be completed by the company who issued the termite inspection report. Contact Inspections Plus for Home Inspections & Termite Inspections in California

A seller may wish to clear the termite report-and then advertise the home as having "section 1 clearance." But even if the seller does not do any of the work, they will have a general idea of the cost.

If an inspection is done, the inspector will determine those areas that are Section 1 concerns that will be required to be. If the loan does not require a termite clearance, then the buyer could.

 · I am in contract to buy a house and the seller is not willing to pay for the Section 1 Pest clearance, I’m in a highly competitive market (southern California). The house was built in 1951 and the current owners have been in the house for 8 years, so I guess it has been at.

But, if you are having a home inspection that includes a termite or pest inspection you might notice that there are two different sections to the termite report, section 1 and section 2. Also, a termite report and a clearance are two separate things.

Sellers can be very nervous about getting a termite inspection, especially if a very. It identifies two kinds of conditions, section 1- ACTIVE INFESTATION and.